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Month: November 2010

Honor the Warrior & Spank the Whiner

If you are a leader, that means you have people following you! And when you have a team of followers around you it is vital the team knows what behaviors will be rewarded and which ones will be met with… displeasure (spanking). It is unfair and unjust for a leader to to have expectations that

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3 Essentials for Time Management

I don’t know about you, but I have never known a great leader that didn’t know how to mange their greatest asset well… Their time. As you grow as a leader, your time becomes the most valued gift you can invest in others. If you don’t manage this asset well, your true ability and potential

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How to Know the Next Step

Leaders often find themselves in places where they aren’t sure what do to do next. What is the next step that needs to be taken. Strong leaders will have a pull in a certain direction because they “feel” that is the right thing to do, but what is the God thing to do? I have

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Missional-Attractional-Biblical? How should we DO Church?

There is always a debate about “methodology” especially now in the world of technology where anyone anywhere has the potential of getting an audience. Is a can opener a can opener if it no longer opens cans? Is a church still a church if it no longer does what a church is meant to do?~Alan

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My wife is not allowed to see THIS!

My wife is not allowed to see this… and I wish I could do all the things this guy does (including the walking on water like Jesus thing), and I really think I smell better than him!

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