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Truth? Don’t argue YOURS!

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Yesterday, Rick Warren tweeted this:

Satan loves for you to to ARGUE the truth with believers so you never actually SHARE it with unbelievers.

I totally agree with this statement, I feel this  is a major tactic of the enemy…, in our culture of “instant response”, Twittter, FaceBook, and blogs. The social media world can be used for great good in the Kingdom, but also to tear it apart!

If the enemy can turn our eyes just long enough to become offended, or too take issue on the minors with our fellow soldiers, he wins a great battle! The battle for unity in the body of Christ!

What do you think it’s gonna take for believers to stand on the majors for the sake of the Kingdom?

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  • Paul Luna

    I agree Artie,

    I find that some of the men I respect often go to war with our own guys on non-essential issues. I don’t have time to fight with other Christians on these issues, I have a big enough fight just trying to win people to Christ.


  • artie

    Very well my bro! Don’t have time, that is exactly right! Time is short why should we expend a moment of it fighting over something that will not help one person enter the Kingdom!!!

  • April

    People who blog about those things ‘Christian’ need to realize that they are examples at ALL times.
    When we blog it is important that we keep our emotions in check and act in the social media world based on our principles.

    Good post. Made you really think! Thanks for the thoughts!

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