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Month: October 2010

You have to speak the LANGUAGE!

Come down to THE STICKS conference Nov 9-10, and learn how to reach these folks from the sticks. The lady in this video is FROM: ORANGEBURG COUNTY the meeting place of THE STICKS conference this year! You can register here. A few FREE seats are left!

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What are the BEST service times for CHURCH?

We have tried so many different service times on Sunday morning. We have (3) services, however, it seems the early is too early and the late is too late.

Our current service times are: 8:30-10-11:30. It seems we aren’t making any progress at the 8:30. We are in a small town, and a Saturday night really isn’t an option. I was visiting a friends church several weeks ago and their service times were…

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Truth? Don’t argue YOURS!

Yesterday, Rick Warren tweeted this:

Satan loves for you to to ARGUE the truth with believers so you never actually SHARE it with unbelievers.

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4-Essentials for a GREAT Sermon

I’m a firm believer in learning from others, and not re-inventing the wheel, unless there is no wheel! I want to share some tools and strategies I have gleaned from others, and by trial and error.

1. TeamA great tool in preparing a great message is having others to bounce ideas around with. At Cornerstone we have a teaching team and we meet on Monday mornings. We brainstorm about passages, illustrations, transitions & translations. It’s great fun, and a huge time saver. It really…

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I’m not writing a blog today: I really felt God leading me to get away today: Rest, meditate, read & worship. In other words… I’m soaking up the presence of God today, so I will be better tomorrow! Maybe you should try that sometime?

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