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No.5- Must watch body Part!

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#5- Feet. Watch where you’re going! One thing we can all loose sight of so quickly is the direction we are walking! The best example of this (I hate to admit) is when you are driving! Ever look down, to read, find something, and then look up only to find yourself in the oncoming lane?

Vision is like that! If you look down to long (we all have to look down from time to time) you may find yourself in a head on collision with disaster. It doesn’t take long to loose focus. It’s the small distractions that seem to never end that rob our ability to see and think clearly about what it is we are truly called and anointed to do.

So just a quick list of helps that I use…

  • Know your purpose, and WRITE it down!
  • Review you purpose statement often. (like on a Monday while planning your week)
  • Always ask, “can someone else do this?”
  • Give 80% of your time to the tasks that will help accomplish your purpose
  • Measure your time! (have a tool that you can know & track where your time goes)

Be careful, and watch where you are going. It is far to easy to off track, and hard to get back on!

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