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Month: September 2010

4-Ways: Get ’em in Church & keep ’em in Church

How are we doing in reaching those we have not yet reached, and keeping the ones that are coming?

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4-Signs of a mature LEADERSHIP TEAM.

The past several days we have been at our annual “staff retreat.” I must say we have an incredible team!

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TGIF (The God I Fear) is: Exciting!

I really don’t understand stiff necked boring so called “Christians.” We are called to be like God, and the God I fear is EXCITING! I don’t serve a boring inattentive God. God is all up into all I’m doing…

  • He is excited about me!
  • He rejoices over me with dancing!
  • I am the apple of His eye!
  • He has an incredible sense of humor!
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I can’t figure God out!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have God figured out yet. I don’t know why He does certain things one way and then another. God isn’t necessarily predicable, so we try to come up with systems to “explain” all the things God does, or doesn’t do.

A friend of mine found out yesterday his 23 year old daughter only has 3 weeks to live…

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5- Questions. Are we measuring up?

What do you do when something just isn’t working? By what do we determine “it’s not working.” I had two lengthy conversations today that made me ask several questions:

1- How do you know if something is working?

2- What do you measure to determine if it is successful?

3- How do we know what we are measuring is really what should be measured?

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