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#3 Navy Seal lesson- “Leave no Man Behind!”

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In combat, the most important person in world is the one next to you! It is impossible in the midst of busyness and battle, to know what is happening all around you. As leaders, we must surround ourselves with others who will fight by our side, and guard our “six.” Choose these carefully, because you MUST guard their “six” as well!

Leaders who bring others beside them, only to leave them open to harm is absolutely shameful! I have seen it, and almost hear of it on a daily basis. A leader who is afraid to take a bullet for someone on their team because they think they may get hurt. This makes me sick to my stomach! Where did these  spineless, whimps who hide behind titles and self loathing glory come from?

The Kingdom has no time for “leaders” who don’t protect those on their team. If you want others to protect you, you better make darn sure you are protecting them! And if you are afraid, pray and ask God to allow you to “grow a set” and engage those who are taking shots at those on your team and get in the fight!

Straight up… if you don’t protect your team, you will have no one left to protect you! Then at the end of the day, all that is left is a field littered with blood and bodies, and the team, including you lie motionless on the battle field! NO! Don’t let that happen. Guard your team, defend them, love them, serve them and sacrifice for them! Only on this canvas will you paint the master piece of a Kingdom building team that will storm the gates of hell with all fury and self abandonment!

This is the true heart of a true leader, I will take them all with me, I will not leave one of them behind!

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