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Month: July 2010

Thrive! Even during adversity!

Today marks the 3rd week I have been DOWN with Mono. This is my position most of the time. It has been very difficult, especially for a type “A” person like me. However, I have been able to thrive during a prolonged illness. I have gotten sooo much done! Projects, planning, networking & strategies. I

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3 Deadly “D’s” to church growth

Don’t throw away the souls God brings to you! I have seen many people hurt and turned off by the church because pastors and leaders get confused about keeping their eye on what is most important… Loving and leading people into a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ…

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Repeat after me… “It’s my fault”

One of the most difficult lessons to learn as a leader is taking responsibility for, well…. Everything! It’s easy to blame a poor outcome on someone else, outside influences or or a team members’ mistake. But a seasoned leader will have learned these (2) valuable principles: 1. When something goes wrong take ALL the responsibility

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Church Planting Challenge!

I will be sharing this vision tomorrow at the National Leaders Meeting for  Southern Baptists. Really excited to see what God is about to do! It’s all about seeing a great move of God in smaller communities. You can check out the COMB NETWORK web site too. Please, tell me what you think…

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3-Keys to REVIVAL!

This is a portion of an article written by S. Michael Craven speaking about the activities that preceded previous revivals.


“They were praying that the Lord, in his mercy, would pour out his Spirit upon his people and

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