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Month: June 2010

4-Stages of Church Growth

1. Let God grow you.

The cruel fact of church leadership is this. You can never lead others to a place you have not yet arrived.  So the challenge will always be, not to learn the newest trend or process, but to become more intimate with God. You don’t want a crowd of babies, but a brigade of warriors begging for a fight!

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TRUTH! Just don’t do it!

I see so many leaders pushing their theological agenda at the expense of hurting and separating the church. Quite honestly, with that same agenda comes a sense of arrogance that is… well just nasty! I don’t see this as a fruitful approach to growing the church or the Kingdom of God, but rather a modern day “Pharisaicalism.”

I fellowship and partner with many leaders that differ with me on theology & doctrine. However…

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Guard your Kids!

My wife (Georgie) and I have always been protective of our kids. Not smothering , just protective! We would always make sure we knew who they were with, who was going to be there, and maybe do a little “background check” through mutual friends!

Scripture says “above all else guard your heart.” The reason we have to do that is our heart dictates what we think, and feel and act. So, we guard thoughts & our eyes!

Be careful what you let your kids see! It could “mess them up” for life! Like this poor little boy…

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Are we from the same family Tree?

OK! I’m having Brandon Cox do some work on my web site, and he made the comment that my header photo, and the photo on Scott Williams web site made us look like twins! Holy Crap! I think I look better, however, I am willing to admit to some resemblance! You vote. Same family tree

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Open & consume with great CAUTION!

Many desire to be leaders but don’t understand what comes in that package. On the outside it looks great! ‘It will taste great, and give a life that is less filling’ (yes I stole that line, but it fits). Some see those in leadership as:

  • Having the authority to move teams
  • Having the ability to chase the dream
  • Having the freedom to change things

In most cases, these may be true, and that’s what’s seen on the label, but open it…

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