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Month: May 2010

4-Things I’m willing to die for!

It is said, if you really want to know what someone belives, ask them “are you willing to die for that?” In others words, is that thing so precious and so vital to you, that you are willing to die to save it or defend it. Today is Memorial Day, when we honor those that did that very thing. Those brave souls who loved and believed in freedom for themselves and others that they made the ultimate sacrifice in defending it. I’m no hero like these but we should all be willing to ask the Q. “What am I willing to die for?” There aren’t many things that I would die for, but there are (4)…

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Leaders! Need them to Change? This may be the key!

I know when you lead you are always in the process of turning the ship into the wind. Finding the fresh wind and fire that will set you and those that follow you on fire, ignite a new passion and embrace a new vision. We all know that means CHANGE! Sometimes, well most of the

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5-Habits that make you “CRAVEABLE”

Ever wish to be the “popular” person? Have more friends than you know what to do with? We all crave the affections and adoration of others, it’s part of our make up to want acceptance and approval from our piers. However, few ever fully understand the real things that make us attractive to others. This is absolutely vital as we seek to gain influence in the lives of those around us for the Kingdom of God. I have seen several habits that actually make people “crave” to be around you…

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The 1-2 PUNCH! Atitude & Action

If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land...(Isaiah 1:19)

We all want the best! I’m not talking about the best car, house or clothes. Not material things necessarily, but the best of what God has for us! I don’t want to miss one thing God has for me. I never want God to put something on my plate, and because of a poor choice or attitude, I miss it! Two keys to gaining the very best of what God has for us depends a lot on these (2)… Attitude & Action…

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3-Ways to keep it HOT baby!

A friend of mind is well known among his friends for a joke he told when he first came to town. It goes something like this, an old man was first introduced to the “new” thermos, that could keep cold stuff cold, and hot things hot, the old man scratched his head and asked, “How do it know?” My wife and I use a “thermos” coffee pump everyday. It keeps the coffee hot for hours, and doesn’t let it go bad by stewing on the hot plate of the coffee maker. But, the coffee eventually turns lukewarm, and then cold. The idea is… To keep it HOT baby! Keep it HOT!…

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