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Month: April 2010

Bible & Beer…Busted! Right or wrong?

Church Planter fired over “Bible & Beer.”  A church planter was fired (became unfunded to be exact, same as being fired), when he started to do a ministry in a local bar as part of outreach. While there he drank some beer (says 1/2 of a beer) with those he was trying to minister to. When the powers that be found out… Busted!

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Leaders! Do the WORK not the WORRY!

Leaders! Do the WORK not the WORRY! from artie davis on Vimeo.

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BIG Chan Man Fan…But?

Screen shot 2010-04-23 at 8.48.59 PMSo many across the country are talking about Francis Chan, and his decision to step down from Cornerstone and follow God on a new adventure. I applaud my brother. I am a BIG CHAN MAN FAN, but you need to understand he is not the first or last, to step out in faith and follow God into the unknown. However, Chan is a great leader. Consequently, his decision and obedience to God’s voice is challenging many to personally examine their lives for that same level of passion and commitment.

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Cranial Crash!

Sometimes my mind just blows up like one of those party favors that you pull the string from the bottom & it pops and streamers go everywhere! I love to play with those, but having that go off in your mind is not so fun. You may have experienced this yourself? When so many thoughts & ideas come from so many directions you can’t sort them, or file them and many times even understand them. They are totally random! Well, I am just going to share some of my thoughts that are going through my mind, totally random… watch out…Cranial Crash!…

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Are these “Noids” in your church?

Screen shot 2010-04-21 at 8.00.06 PMDo you remember the Noid? The disturbing little creature that was always trying to steal or rob someone of their Domino’s pizza? This little dude would do ANYTHING to spoil your date, dinner or dinning experience! He was hell-bent on making sure no one was happy with what they ordered, or never received it in a way that would satisfy them. Well guess what? We have some “Noids'” in the church! I know that comes as a shock, but you need to know these so you can identify them, and deal with them quickly! If not, you run the risk of their “Noidism” spreading. And “Noidism” does spread, and if it is fertile ground, it spreads quickly. So are any of these in your church…

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