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Month: March 2010

10-Hours to prepare a sermon. Go!

10OK. Something has happened, come up or changed. And guess what, you da one! You have to be ready to bring the Word with ONLY 10 hours of prep time. Now let’s say you are not allowed to re-heat something old, you have to bring something new. How would you divide your time in the following categories: (Please only choose your top (4), then rank them by #. the first being the one you would spend most time on, then next, etc.)

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You can lead with vision, but only FIRE can keep it BURNING!

Screen shot 2010-03-27 at 1.27.02 PMI know a lot of leaders who are great leaders. They began with great passion, and maybe a God given vision. But, they stopped there. Somewhere along the way, they believed the lie from Satan, that was all they needed. Vision is VERY draining! And the only thing that will keep you moving hot with God, is by having a fiery relationship with Him, that you refuse to allow anything, anyplace, anyone or any ministry to interfere with.

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10-Q’s that will make a PASTOR go POSTAL!

Screen shot 2010-03-27 at 12.10.30 PMBeing a pastor and leader for almost 30 years (I know I don’t look that old, thanks!), I have heard it all, seen it all, witnessed it all & seen all TOO MUCH! But in the middle of hearing God’s voice, intensely following God’s lead, getting your praise on, someone can ask, call, text, em, dm, Facebook or Twitter you one of these Q’s, and I swear, I want to “go off” on that person so bad, they have no idea! So…

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Find the TREASURE in 3-Minutes!

The Crooked Places Straight! from artie davis on Vimeo.

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Is it OK, to kick it ol’ School, (or new school)?

Our church is launching a new service the weekend after Easter called Cornerstone Classic! It’s our 3rd service (8:30), and we are offering a “classic” service. That is NOT TRADITIONAL, but as we call it, “same stuff, softer style.” We will worship with a little older contemporary songs, some updated hymns, brighter lights in the

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