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4 Things Leaders Must Change

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As leaders we (and others) are constantly adding to our plate of responsibility. We can find ourselves trying to manage, hold together, and in some cases grow a plethora of diverse projects. Being in this environment as a leader is not new, however it is constantly changing. The challenge becomes to change and meet the new demands. Too often I see leaders burn out, injure, or even destroy those on their team because they try to run new things the same “old” way. This spells disaster for a leader. I have found 5 things that must constantly be evaluated and changed to meet new responsibilities and growth:

  1. Physical: You must schedule rest. If you don’t plan it, it will never happen. Plan down time, weekly date with your spouse, date night with your kids & time for hobbies that refresh you. And you MUST exercise and care for your body. It is the only one God gave you, so care for it, you don’t want to be taken out of the race early!
  2. Emotional: Constantly look for people to surround yourself with that will fuel your passion and vision. Not just “yes” people, but genuine mentors, coaches, and true friends that will stand with you even when they don’t agree with you.
  3. Spiritual: You must take the time to hear from God…to actually hear His voice. This is a discipline that some practice and very few master. It is difficult as a leader to wait, to be quiet, and depend on God. But those are the very things that will ensure your success. Faith comes by hearing… and without faith it is impossible to please God!
  4. Intellectual: Leaders are readers! You have to vary your input in what you read, vary topic styles and stretch to learn something new. (I’m getting a Kindle for Christmas to help with this task). Also expose yourself to new teachers, documentaries, tv shows & other entertainment. This exercise will help you think outside the box, and discover new and possibly smarter ways to do things and increase quality and production

Psalm 55.19b “Because they are unchanged, they have no fear of God.”

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