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Month: November 2009

3- Undeniable traits of great leaders

Many are running in the leadership race. Many aspire to lead, encourage, mobilize & transform people, places & even culture. But there are 3 components that if not in place will cause anyone aspiring to be a great leader to lose balance and fall out of the race. Truth– Truth is a non-negotiable. If a leader ever

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5 Great things to see on Sunday!

5 things I love to see on Sundays Someone you have poured your life into… SOAR! Children telling their parents they LOVE THEIR church People reaching for the tissue under their seats Conversations about the miracles God is doing People from different nations, tribes & tongues, loving one another I love to see these things because they

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Be happier than your friends!

Everyday we wake up wondering what the day holds. Is this project going to work out? Are my kids going to be OK? Is my spouse still mad at me from last night? Am I going to make it to work on time? Is this pain in my back ever going to go away? All

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Open wide your eyes

We are making some final preparations for our trip to Liberia next Sunday! My wife & I are leading a small team to Monrovia (where my wife was born & lived until she was 17) next week to check on some organizations in which we are going to become more involved. These organizations are making big changes

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 I was having a conversation with a fellow pastor and he was sharing some difficulties they were having with staff. As our talk continued, several things popped into my head about how to effectively lead a church staff: Always take the heat, but never the praise When they fail, coach 'em up, don't beat 'em up Oh yeah, almost

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