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IF… Everyday could be like a road trip

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We are a full week into our "Davis go West road trip", and I must say it has been quite adventurous. New people, new places, new relatives & new cultures to explore and engage. Great family togetherness in close quarters (like a submarine under the Arctic, no place to come up for air).

But I see so many "different" people, some attractive (most not), some of different languages (why can't they understand, "extra Snickers on the bottom), different standards of time management and distance ("Nearby" means 20-30 minutes, shoot me now!). However, I hear God saying these are the ones I love, and I want you to reach them. How can that be? I think Jesus had to meet some people that just got under his skin, and really aggravated Him. I hope so! If not, I have a long way to go to be like Jesus. This one thing I know, I want to love as God loves, and when you see the "Buffet of human choice" I want to discard some, and that is not pleasing to God. So my prayer has to be, "Make me hungry for Love" then, hopefully everything on the buffet will look appetizing!

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  • Steve McGee

    Hey Artie, I was delighted to hear from you. I hope to be in Columbia sometime in the fall to recruit new missionaries at CBC/CIU. It seems like only yesterday we were neighbors! Mike (our oldest son) is a pastor in South Dakota and Joshua (our youngest son) hopes to start CIU next year! Please email me you phone number so I can call you when you get back from Colorado. Also you can check out my blog at http://www.xanga.com/coconutsteve. I haven’t updated in a while but it will give you an idea of the type of ministry we have and continue to be involved with.

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