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Month: February 2009

IF… I could fast forward the process

                     When God puts us in a place, a season or chapter in our lives where He is taking us to a different level in our relationship with Himself… most times this is a slow process. One that could be easily abandoned in the quest for the "product." But there never is a finished

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IF… doing ministry was just easy…

Well… this week begins my second week of a six month long "semi-sabbatical." I guess you are scratching your head over that one. Well, a couple of months back I began to show warning signs of "burn out." I have been there before (about 10-12 years ago) and vowed to never again venture to the "dark side."

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IF… This is only the begining, what next?

Yesterday was an over the top service at Cornerstone. God showed up big time, and there was a powerful anointing in the church. We had spontaneous baptisms; I think it was like 40 people that came forward. People got saved and great things happened. Only God could do things like that. We can plan, pray & prepare,

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