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Month: January 2009

IF… You were at Cornerstone Sunday

Below are a few memorable quotes a cornerstoner took from the sermon on Sunday. This was the first in our series entitled "One Month to Live". "Some of our friends will be carrying us down the aisle." "Every single day you need to live a life of passion!" "Ready! Fire! Aim..where?" "You've got to engage the unknown."

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IF… Today is any indication…

What a great day at Cornerstone! We started our new series "One month to Live." Big  crowd, great music and God showed up! What a great combination. God is really moving in our city, he is bringing people of all tribes and tongues to Himself with power. If God keeps this up watch out Orangeburg! I'm ready

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IF… I could just see at what to aim!

A new year has begun, and as usual I'm wondering what is in store for the future and what should be the aim of the new year. The first few days of this year really sent me spinning. I was literally DEPRESSED! How bad is that?! But after much prayer and the words of wisdom

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