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Month: August 2008

IF… I could do it over again

I had the chance to speak at a church planters training conference yesterday. They asked me to tell our story at Cornerstone… and the one thing I would want every church planter to know. I shared with them the importance of hearing and knowing God's voice…in other words it looks something like this: (PRINCIPLE +

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IF…I could see the future

If I could see the future, I think I would FREAK OUT… I know God has incredible things for us in the future. I was speaking with my friend Greg Oraham and they had their kick off yesterday, and they blew it out of the water. He said they were not ready for all God was

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IF…it gets any better!!!

Today was really great-a real anointing in the house y'all! The enthusiasm of the new campus opening in a couple of weeks is really putting a great energy in the church. There is still a lot to do,  but boy it's coming fast! The worship center seating arrives @ 9 in the morning, I may

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IF… I could have more time

I had an offsite 'study day' today. It wasn't very good though; I just couldn't focus. I'm not feeling well with this stomach "thing demon"…that could have something to do with it. I have to take my dad for eye surgery in the morning, so I hope I can catch up on some study time

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